Obligatory Super Bowl Post

In the days leading up to and especially the days following The Super Bowl, there seems to be an overflow of articles centered around what is arguably the most anticipated sporting event of the year.  I’d be lying if I said that I did not indulge myself.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been sifting through countless articles highlighting classic Super Bowl moments, upcoming Super Bowl predictions, etc.

Now since the historic game has passed, even more articles have emerged describing from endless viewpoints the impressive details of Super Bowl 51.
289226168_5023363cac_o.jpgApart from the plethora of game recaps, player profiles, record breaking statistics, super bowl commercial reviews, etc. I like the articles that focus on things that I never thought to pay attention to.  For example, have you ever given much thought to the notorious Gatorade bath?  Me neither, until I read this article on the importance of iconic dump.

Although this year the cost for advertisement did not reach an all time high, it was still a whopping $5million for a 30 second ad.  (Care to know the most expensive Super Bowl ads of all time? Got it cover.)

A couple of companies have opted out of buying a spot this year (a fact that my friends and I noticed after approximately 2 commercial breaks).  Did you notice there were no Doritos, Taco Bell, or BMW commercials this year? (I know we were all waiting for the Doritos one too).


Victor Gregory “The Doritos Hulk”

Some companies have taken it upon themselves to pull their typical expensive advertisement and instead give all their employees the Monday following Super Bowl Sunday the day off.  This motion has become known as SMONDAY.

Heinz released this video explaining their desire to make SMONDAY a National Holiday.   You can sign their petition here26713870906_4356fc43a6_o.jpg

But back to things that were not quite “all time high.” Despite the historic nature of this years Super Bowl, the ratings did not break any records.  In fact, according to Neilson, the number of Super Bowl watchers are beginning to level out.

As my dad might say…”I blame social media.”

More and more people have been turning to Twitter among various other social medias for game updates that the commentators simply cannot rely fast enough.

I read an article, this one actually, from a couple of years ago, where college journalists were interviewed about the NFL and Super Bowl 49.  As an aspiring young journalist myself, while I read the questions they were asked, I couldn’t help but answer them myself and compare and contrast.

I always cringe when people ask my generation about our “screens.”  Everyone is always so quick to ridicule us for taking advantage of today’s technology and the opportunities it provides.

Most of the students that were interviewed explained, much to my agreement, that most of their NFL viewing experience is centered around the television.  We put a lot of trust into commentators and in most cases only turn to twitter and social media for updates that the commentators cannot possibly provide us with fast enough.

When a matchup I’m interested in during the season is not available for me to watch, then I turn to NFL app for updates and details.

When it comes to the Super Bowl, I especially noticed this with this most recent championship game, I found that myself and the viewing party I was with, only turned to Twitter for brief moments when it seemed there was a lull in entertainment.

We were mostly concerned with critiquing the game and the various commercials that graced our screens.

Although I love the Super Bowl, it brings also the sad realization that football season is over.  So what if I’m going to cling to these articles for a few more weeks then.

Or at least until March Madness comes around to distract me.


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