Why Sports Writers Who Think Blogs Ruin Journalism Are Wrong | Bleacher Report

Source: Why Sports Writers Who Think Blogs Ruin Journalism Are Wrong | Bleacher Report

This article is from about nine years ago so it’s an oldie but it’s definitely a goodie.

Okay, as a blogger, it goes without saying that I like to think that I don’t ruin journalism.  There are a few points I’d like to address in here.

“But if sports blogs are a problem–and I’m not convinced they are–the writers of sports blogs are not to blame.

The readers are.”

He’s right.  Some sports writers fill their writings with controversial opinions, most of the time to purposefully get a rise out of their readers.

So why blame the bloggers for writing to their reader’s interest.

I don’t see the sense in anyone hating on a blogger for utilizing whatever platforms are available to have their opinions heard.

“Society was plenty dumb decades before blogs existed.  Blogs may point out society’s dumb-ness in a new light, but they are not the cause of said dumb-ness.”

Now here he’s got a point.

What I said before about bloggers writing to please their reader…how can a blogger help if what their reader wants is essentially trash?

Scandals blow up the media all the time.  Bloggers taking advantage of an athlete’s dare I say stupidity is only a method to stay afloat in the competitive waters that is running a sports blog.

“Fans have been sitting on bar stools spouting ridiculous opinions to anyone who will listen for years and years…probably since sports began.  What blogs have done–what the Internet itself has done–is make it possible to share those opinions with more than just the other drunks in earshot. It’s a global community now.”

Blogging is the luxury of bar talk without having to go to the bar.


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