Adam Schefter is NFL reporting machine – The Washington Post

ESPN reporter Adam Schefter is in the news-breaking business — and no one breaks more.

Source: Adam Schefter is NFL reporting machine – The Washington Post

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been asking a lot of different people about their favorite personalities in the sports broadcast field.  Although I’ve gotten various answers from a multitude of sports fans across the board, the most common denominator has been ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Schefter serves as a sports writer, tv analyst and NFL insider.  He can be seen on both Sunday and Monday Night Countdown.

“From a media standpoint, the NFL is covered unlike anything else in American sport, and somehow Schefter’s reporting rises above the din.”

Those who I’ve spoken to that expressed a respect for Schefter, noted not only his expert delivery in basically everything he says, but they also admire his professionalism.

This article may be from 2014, but I feel it does a nice job of highlighting what Schefter means to the industry.

“…he’s the reporter who keeps beat writers up late at night.”

Schefter is one of the most trusted analysts in the NFL.  Anything he says is positively received by not only fans of his but football fans in general.

Not only does he have the utmost respect from spectators, but Schefter’s colleagues also hold him in a high regard.

“He lives, breathes and eats the NFL. If he slept, he’d sleep it, too.”


Success does not come easy, although Schefter makes it seem otherwise.  He dedicates every single day to the NFL, and if you think that the job takes a break when the season does you’re wrong.  There are always things to be reported on, injuries, trades, scandals, practices, rookies, prospects, you name it.

“You can’t be a taker. You’ve got to be a giver.”

Sources call Schefter just as often as he calls them.  There’s a constant flow of information and Schefter emphasizes the importance of the “two way street.”

“He finally stopped by the campus newspaper, which allowed him to cover the sports no other reporters wanted.”

Schefter got his start in journalism like most in the field; starting small and working their way up.  You learn a lot on those small jobs though.  Without them, you’ll never been one of the greats.

“His fantasy team used to be called the False Rumor Mongerers…”

I could not imagine playing in his fantasy football league.  This whole article talks about how the guy, “Knows everything,” that can’t be very encouraging to his opponents.

“With more than three million followers, Schefter, 47, has a larger Twitter flock than any other ESPN personality — and nearly double that of any other NFL reporter.”

Today he has almost 6million followers on Twitter, myself included.



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