A different kind of game: Thoughts on the future of sports media | Features | montanakaimin.com

No one told me when to show up to my first Montana football game. The Griz hosted Saint Francis, a small school in Pennsylvania, and I arrived late, even though

Source: A different kind of game: Thoughts on the future of sports media | Features | montanakaimin.com


It goes without saying that social media is the future of reporting.

Nearly every media class, students are surveyed about their news consumption, followed by the lack of surprise over the decline of traditional news sources.  Everybody knows that “kids these days” over consume social media.

“The sports section includes stories about prep and college players who would otherwise go unnoticed on television or radio. The demand for detailed reporting on local games still exists…”

You will always have these mediums.  Newspaper, radio and tv, may be dying but they can never die.  It’s the job of these mediums to tell the stories that people cannot tell for themselves.

With newspaper highlights, athletes at various levels can get their five minutes of fame.

Just because the level of competition is lower, does not mean that there is not a story within their play.

Stories develop in places that one could not imagine and it’s the reporters job to not only be there but sometimes make something out of nothing.


The problem is these classic sources can’t compete with the immediacy of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.  And now even apps created for general news as well as more specific genres allow for instant updates and fan interactions.


So what I gather from this, is that traditional sports reporting will always withstand the test of time, but will be in constant competition with the current and arising forms of media.


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