Andrew Peters Adds One More Punch To Resume

Andrew Peters, now retired from the NHL, is no stranger to brawls on the ice.

Peters racked up a total of 241 fights in his career.  That’s including his time in the juniors, AHL, and NHL.  During his career with the Buffalo Sabres, he had played 226 games and only had four goals, seven points, and 650 penalty minutes.

You would think that once he traded in his uniform to coach the Junior Sabres Youth Hockey team, his fighting days would be over.

But what appeared to be a routine ending to a tournament game at the Buffalo Harbor Center, quickly turned into a full-on brawl in front of Peters’ bench.

When a Hamilton Junior Bulldog made a move for the Sabres bench, Peters’ wasn’t having any of it.  Watch as Peters’ knocks a player on the opposing team down onto the ice at approximately 0:22.

It’s hockey…so fighting isn’t exactly rare to see.  However, when the coach starts taking swings at 15-year-olds, that’s just ridiculous.

Needless to say, Peters has been suspended indefinitely from coaching.

The incident didn’t have any effect on Peters daily Sabres radio talk show broadcast, The Investigators.  Peters and his co-host Craig Rivet uploaded several 40-minute segments today.


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