Marisa Ingemi, a rarity in sports journalism – a Woman ‹ Eric Getzoff ‹ Reader —

Source: Marisa Ingemi, a rarity in sports journalism – a Woman ‹ Eric Getzoff ‹ Reader —

Not only is the sports journalism industry among one of the most competitive overall, but for women interested in the field it is even more challenging.

There are so few sports jobs available in each area of coverage, and think about how many of them are dominated by men.  For every 3 male writers/commentators/anchors/etc., there’s probably only one female on their crew.  

That being said, with competition even greater for women interested in the field, that only means that we’re set to achieve a higher standard.

Take Marisa Ingemi for example.  She opted to be homeschooled after sixth grade in order to improve her writing and start her own sports writing website,

In order to be recognized, women have had to go above and beyond the norm and attempt to do something different and make a name for themselves.  Whether it is running a blog like myself,

Whether it is running a blog like myself, starting a website as Ingemi did, or something completely unthought of, it’s crucial to get a jump as soon as you can.

Ingemi was fortunate enough to have the support of her parents in allowing her to dedicate so much to her dream at such a young age.

The only way to improve your writing, speaking, etc. is practice, and the sooner you start the better.  When you start young, you’re allowed to play around with different styles and tones.  Experimenting is an important part of the development process.

“SB Nation found out that Marisa was only 14-years-old and tried to discontinue her site but couldn’t because the contract was already signed. The breakup occurred a year and a half later when SB Nation wouldn’t allow Marisa to start her own online radio network. She ended up leaving and going back to her old site, citing independence as the reason.”

Some women might resent the competition, and root against their fellow female colleagues.  The one’s that find the real success, however, are the ones that use other’s accomplishments as motivation to achieve their own goals.

Reading about Ingemi may have been discouraging to others who share a similar dream, but for me, I can’t help to root for anyone trying to get a foot in the door.

The people who have what it takes find their way in eventually, but it’s certainly no accident.


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