Tony Romo Leaves the Pocket For the Safety of the Booth

Thank God for ESPN app notifications.  If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to write a blog post in front of one of my professors.  When inspiration strikes, you have to run with it.

The headline that caught my eye was “Stephen A. nauseated over Romo attention,” and came with a video of the personality, going off on all of the coverage.

“…you actually forgot that North Carolina won the damn title last night,”  Smith said in a fit of passion.

This is rare for me, but I agree with Smith here.  I don’t see what everyone is freaking out about.

The guy has had seven injuries, both major and minor, since joining the big leagues.  He joined The Cowboys in 2003 but didn’t see a game until 2006 when he took over for Drew Bledsoe and managed just two seasons without any serious harm.

In 2008, he sprained his finger, costing him two games that season, thus marking the start of his proneness to injury.  In 2010, Romo ended up missing 10 games with a broken collarbone, thanks to the Giants.  After this, every year for the rest of his career (minus 2012), Romo’s season was incomplete without an injury.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.25.48 AM.png

Injury overview thanks to

The nail in Romo’s quarterback coffin happened during a 2016 preseason game.  After a routine hit by the Seattle Seahawks’ Cliff Avril, what was originally thought to be a simple scare, ended up being a fractured bone in the player’s spine.

With these injuries in mind, paired with the fact that Romo is already 36 years old, I don’t see why anyone would be shocked to see him crossing over to broadcasts.

Anyone that thought that Romo might have a career playing after this season, was dreaming.  Obviously, his days in Dallas were long gone; Dak Prescott, his replacement, made sure of that.  But still, there were countless others saying that he still had some plays left in him, and saw his potential with other teams such as the Broncos or the Texans.

Now, typically I like to consider myself to be rather humble, but in this case, I can’t help but brag a little bit.  After watching Prescott and The Cowboys make an incredible run this past season, (although they couldn’t hold off my Giants), I knew that Romo would soon hang up his helmet.  I couldn’t see any teams showing that much interest as a starting QB and considering Romo’s personality, there was no way he could handle another season on a bench.

There’s no doubt that he will eventually grow to be an asset in the booth, but harnessing the skills to be an on-air talent does not happen over night.  Romo is going to have to do a lot of practicing and spend a lot of time adjusting.

In my opinion, no one should be that surprised to see him transfer to the broadcasting side of sports.  The media is always hungry for specialists; if you don’t believe me, check out the FOX NFL Sunday panel. Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson, Howie Long, Curt Menefee, Michael Strahan; guess how many of these guys do not have an NFL background.  One. 

Curt Menefee is the only person on that panel that has never played in the NFL, but that doesn’t make his analysis’ any less credible.

Another ex-NFL’er on the pregame show is unnecessary but I do think Romo has the personality to transition to the booth (ala Troy Aikman), and who better to kick off your career with than the very best, Jim Nantz.

Although Romo displaces one of my all time favorite Giants, Phil Simms, I’ll be intrigued, to hear him do the analysis for CBS.  Despite my loyalty to the Giants, and their rivalry with the Cowboys, I can’t help but root for Romo as he enters this new territory. Considering CBS possess the broadcasting rights for the Super Bowl, it looks like next season Tony Romo will make it to a Super Bowl after all.


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