Joe Girardi compares Yanks rookie Aaron Judge to Derek Jeter |

Manager Joe Girardi paid the ultimate compliment to Yankees rookie outfielder Aaron Judge by comparing him to one of the most revered players in franchise history: Derek Jeter.

Source: Joe Girardi compares Yanks rookie Aaron Judge to Derek Jeter |

This may be a little off-topic, but as a huge Derek Jeter supporter, I can’t help but give my two cents.  Seeing as how this is my blog, I think I’ll let it slide.

There’s no question that Aaron Judge has been lighting up the MLB, whether it be with a clutch at bat, or a stellar catch in the outfield, the rook is turning heads.

When I got the notifications from several of my sports apps documenting Girardi’s comparison, I didn’t quite know how to take it.  How can anyone fill the shoes of such a legend?

As if Judge wasn’t likable already, I got the notification of his response to such a complement not too long after.

“There’s only one Derek Jeter. It is a great compliment. I’m honored to be in the same sentence. I’m trying to be the best Aaron Judge I can be.”  He said.

He said exactly what we were all thinking, but in the most Derek Jeter-Esque way imaginable.

Call it rookie luck, but I think Judge is a force to be reckoned with.  Given the way he performs on the field, combined with the high regard he’s held in by his colleagues, I see big things in Judge’s future.



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