Name: Phoebe

Birthday: June 18


My Senior Tennis Photo (2016)

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Education: Fredonia State University

Major: Audio/Radio Communication

Minor: Sports Administration Communication

Favorite Sports Teams:  NY Yankees, NY Giants, NY Knicks, NY Rangers, Syracuse University Sports

Favorite Sports Book: Open- Andre Agassi

Favorite Sport Movie: Field of Dreams

Favorite Personality:  Michael Kay, YES Network

My own Experience in Sports:

  • Captain of Tennis Team at Fredonia
    State University (2015-16)
  • Fredonia State Swimming & Diving Announcer (2014-2016)
  • Producer/Anchor/Announcer for News Off the 90 Radio Show (2016)
  • Fredonia State Softball Announcer (2017)
  • Fredonia State Women’s Lacrosse Announcer (2017)

I was born into a family of die-hard sports addicts, so needless to say my love for sports began at a young age.  Being from Syracuse, it wasn’t unusual to spot a baby clad in a Syracuse basketball/cheerleading uniform.

When I was about 8 years old, I made the decision that I would not rest until I became an announcer or commentator for The New York Yankees, or more specifically YES Network.


Announcing Swimming  & Diving (2015)

Michael Kay had always been my idol and I made it my goal to follow in his footsteps.

Now, at 21 years old and just about ready to dive into the competitive waters of the sports journalism field, I find that my dreams, although still filled with passion have changed…

At this point, I’ve decided that I don’t care what I do as long as I’m working in sports. Although a job in baseball used to be essential, I’ve grown to love other sports with a similar intensity.

After trying my hand at fantasy football leagues, I’ve found an increased interest in the NFL and have found that even the small act of discussing players has become more exciting.

Wish me luck as I grow as a blogger and a journalist and hopefully someday make my dreams a career.